How This Program Works


Daily Photo Food & Mood Journal Instructions

Your daily food and mood journal is a powerful tool you will use to monitor your more subtle reactions to food as well as gauge progress through the program. Use the questions below to fill out your food and mood journal each day.

Give as much detail throughout the day as possible, using the following questions as your guide:

  • How is my energy? Am I yawning? Do I feel more tired than normal? Is it hard to keep my eyes open during this meeting/task/etc? 
  • Do I have MORE energy than normal?  Do I need less coffee than usual? Am I more alert during the day, completing my normal everyday tasks?
  • Do I feel calm? Do I feel anxious? Am I happy overall, or feeling irritable? Mood swings? 
  • How hungry am I? Am I reaching for food because it's a habit, or because I'm truly hungry? How satiated am I after meals? Do I feel happily full and content, or bloated and overstuffed?  
  • How is my digestion- not just immediately following the meal, but all day? Bloat, gas, reflux? Am I noticing better digestion than normal?  Use the Bristol Stool Chart (attached below) to write down your bowel movements each day. 
  • Am I having any skin-related reactions? Itchy skin, rash, redness, etc.
  • Am I having any sinus or allergy reactions? Congestion, phlegm, stuffy/runny nose, etc. 
  • How much water did I drink today?
  • How do I feel overall, reflecting back on the day?

These are all potential reactions to food, and many of these are symptoms that we don't even realize we have until they go away!